Around the Table: Cookbooks with Care

The Creative engAGE Living Lab (ELL) community is happy to share art, poetry, photos, stories, and memories that are inspired by favourite recipes they enjoy eating, making, sharing, and ordering out.

Participating Artists

Alice Balka
Alison Bowie
Arianna Garcia-Fialdini
Avy Loftus
Brock Dishart
Carly and Ashley McAskill
Daryl Zoellner
Edna Katz-Silver
Eva Halus
Gilles Chiasson

Hélène Arseneault
Jack Nathanson
Janis Timm-Bottos
Jennifer Lee
Lisa Potter
Lynn Kerr
Malake Ackaoui
Mingyue Tao
Monique Bee
Muriel Herrington
Naj Mahani

Nathan Ward
Pandora Hobby
Rachel Chainey
Richard Chenier
Rose Weekes
Ruth Boomer
Sasha and Laura
Sharon Smith
Sue Proctor
Suzanne Melanson
Yafa Goawily

Community Cookbook

Download the PDF version of the cookbook to get inspired by the recipes, stories, and images from participating community members.

My grandma used to make Sambosak and sending it to school when I was growing up. I love them so much. The sambosak and my grandma.

Yafa Goawily

In our Postcard in the Kitchen Art Hives, we exchanged not only recipes but talked about food choices, lifestyles, nutrition, gardening, harvesting and traditional foods. With the gift of Zoom, participants gathered from many corners of the world.

Sue Proctor

I love doing art and showing my work in art shows. I love painting on wine glasses, mugs, plates, vases, bookmarks and cards. It makes me happy.

Lynn Kerr

Vernissage and potluck

Cookbook presentation
  • engage living lab at Cavendish mall

When I need to reboot my creativity I often go the Jean Talon Market and soak up the beautiful colours and shapes of fruits and vegetables – a succulent rainbow of delicious carmine reds, saturated cadmium yellows, intense oranges and vibrant greens, velvety purples and indigo blues. I come refreshed spiritually and exuberant about the fine feast that awaits me. The spectrum of cornucopia spills into my dreams, then eventually in my paintings the following day. So, here’s staying healthy thanks to the gift of fruits and vegetables!

Richard Chenier