ELL Art Hives are inclusive online gatherings that welcome everyone as an artist.  We meet as an online community for spontaneous art-making and create, inspire, discover, and share with each other. The Art Hives are primarily led by two ELL facilitators, including one art therapist or art therapy student on each team.

ELL Art Hives

Art Hives are a proven way of building community and a sense of belonging through making art. We celebrate the diverse inclusion of strengths and creative capacities of individuals and communities through non-directed art-making. We explore accessible ways of creating art using found materials and recycled objects around the home and in nature.

Participants of this online or in-person studio space are given the opportunity to take action as leaders in initiating community-driven projects, skill shares, and directions of the art hive. All are welcome to participate regardless of previous experience with art.

ELL Movement Hive

This activity was offered from 2020 to 2021.

is a weekly reminder that moving is essential to sustaining a good quality of life. Especially now, as we are increasingly more isolated at home, the body narrows its movement possibilities. We will gently wake up bones, articulations, and the spirit through awareness of movement to inspire a greater flow of energy. This ELL hive explores gentle movements alongside an experienced and trained Dance & Movement educator. All are welcome to participate regardless of physical condition and previous experience with dance and movement.

Video submitted for the art exhibit, “New Beginings”, May 2021.

How to participate?

Everyone is welcome to participate in any of the engAGE Living Lab activities. To get instructions on how to join, please send an email to engagelivinglab@concordia.ca


Sharing art in this public setting and/or responding to calls for art for exhibiting in our mall storefront windows is completely voluntary. We welcome you to submit your art to share.

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