Join us on Thursday, December 9 from 2:30-4:00 pm for the Creative Science Shop on The Meaning of Art-making in Relation to Others.

Come to this opportunity to learn and share on how art-making can be so meaningful when it is in relation to others.

To what extent art skill shares can make life worthwhile? What is the transformative power of art-making in relation to others? Two members from the Art Hive Network will share their stories with us. Join the discussion on how this resonates with you, your own life and your professional or academic interests!

Edna Katz-Silver is an artist, actress, sculptress, Judaica jewelry designer, and furniture maker in commercial and private spheres. As an art teacher, she believes that teaching is healing for both parties.

For the past 30 years, Sondra Goldman has been a practicing Montreal artist and art therapist, working for senior residents and inspiring them to expand their expressive capacity. She also created one of the first institutional Art Hives in Canada.

The Creative Science Shop is a semi-monthly studio hybrid, both online and in-person at the Cavendish Mall. It is an exchange of ideas, innovations, scientific and artistic projects. This intergenerational group brings together passion in the arts and sciences from older adults, students, and researchers.


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