Come join us to the round table dedicated to poets in our community. Four poets: Daryl Zoellner, Lady Rojas Benavente, Lisa Potter and Marcia Goldberg will present what inspired them to follow this creative path and recite one poem.

Poetry may mean keeping a balance of thoughts on delicate subjects as equity, inclusion, and loss. It may be storytelling about pets. Or simply a way to express oneself and stay creative. Come be part of the discussion, sharing your own experience or poem!

Daryl Zoellner’s roots are in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. She has fully bloomed, however, in Quebec. She is interested in various arts including poetry, and has her studio known as Mes tables.

Peruvian-Canadian writer, Lady Rojas Benavente created an taught literature for 50 years in many academic settings from Peru to Canada, including Concordia University. She is now professor emerita and actively involved in the Latin American communities.

Lisa Potter is an “active engager” and she uses art and poems as creative venues. She is working on a story of a cat named Pogo and will present two poems that she wrote recently.

Marcia Goldberg is a retired teacher of English. She writes poetry, and during the pandemic, she joined a women writers’ online gathering pioneered by Lise Weil, a teacher and friend.

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