Nicole M creative response

Artist: NicoleM

Title: Blue Moon

Medium: Acrylic, silk flowers, glitter on canvas

Size: 16” x20 ”

Date: 2021

As I took a walk that evening, the moon seemed to have this blue hue reflecting in the trees, and then bounced off these flowers. To me it seemed that the trees and flowers were dancing I got inspired and created both hue, this is my interpretation 

Artist: NicoleM

Title: Blue Tree Fiesta

Medium: Acrylic, silk flowers, sequins on 2 canvases

Size: 32” x 24”

Date: 2021

The diptych Blue Tree Fiesta is the continuing inspiration from the full moon.  I was wowed by the seasonal “Blue Moon” that occurred on Sunday (Aug. 22) . I later found out that it’s the last time we will see this type of moon until 2023. 


  1. momo29er

    Hi Nicole, thank you for your contribution to the exhibit, it was great to have you today at the exhibit.

  2. dorion marguerite

    I love this blue of yours!

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