Natali Ortiz creative response

Artist: Natalí Ortiz 

Medium: Mixed media

Size: 80x100cm

Date: 2017

I made this painting to portray black feminine power and to honour black women, who had and continue to fight for social justice, with an intersectionality lens, which includes the different identity markers of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class and more. 

Artist: Natalí Ortiz 

Title: Nina

Medium: Mixed media

Date: 2021

I made this painting of Nina Gualinga, an environmental activist from the Ecuadorian amazon to raise awareness that Indigenous women and land defenders are exposed to multiple forms of violence, which too often remain in impunity . Nina is an example of how women in the amazon are coming together to protect their lands and bodies. As Nina writes “ we are nature, we need to let go of the idea that nature is an object for exploitation Indigenous people know this because we have been in connection with nature for thousand of years”

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  1. momo29er

    Dos obras increibles Natali, gracias por compartirlas con la comunidad y hablarnos de tu inspiracion. Tengo una pregunta sobre la obra titulada “Nina” ulizaste alguna plataforma digital ademas de dubularla/pintarla? mil gracias y felicidades!

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