Sara Kariminejad holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture in Iran (2020) and currently pursuing her graduate program in master of design at Concordia University. Her research, under the supervision of Prof. Carmela Cucuzzella, is entitled, “The lively, healing, and Intergenerational space in older adult care homes’ courtyard: joyful older adults and children”. She has also worked recently with Prof. Janis Timm-Bottos’ research team in the Engage Living Lab on the topic of ‘Rekindling Intergenerational Relationships through Digital Skills’.

Sara’s research interest focuses on healthcare design, environmental psychology, intergenerational spaces, art and health, participatory design, built environment, elder-friendly spaces, and children-friendly spaces. She identifies and investigates the environmental preferences of users especially older adults and children in designing healing spaces in healthcare settings in order to increase the well-being and mental health of users and create a pleasant environment for them. In fact, her research project is introducing and designing healing and intergenerational spaces according to the environmental needs and preferences of users.