The Art Hives’ Science Shop presents:
“Senior STEAM” Teapot Chats: What keeps your engine running?
This afternoon series of public creative science conversations will highlight older adults’ passion and ingenuity that help navigate challenges of aging in Quebec.

This series will illuminate the creative projects and inventions supported by the arts, sciences, and community-building that older adults are involved in that bring personal and community health and well-being.


Facebook event here

Event by Art Hives / Les Ruches d’ArtWIN: The West-end Intergenerational Network and Concordia University Art Hives

Location: Concordia University Art Hive campus Loyola

Duration: 1 hr 30 min


Join us Wednesdays at tea time to share what’s working about growing older through short talks and long conversations. All ages are welcome to hear from our older adults in the community, to join in the discussion, and to create art.

The speakers who will kickstart the conversation on Wednesday October 9th are:

Arlyle Waring:
Life’s Tapestry – Weaving Past and Present
As we age many of us build on our early experiences and passions. Arlyle studied, lived and worked in China for three decades. That experience led her to a deeper appreciation of her own NDG community and also to an interest in Chinese culture. She was active in a number of NDG community projects – the Empress Theatre project, the Benny Farm Task Force and CARTES ETC – a retail store offering local arts. Currently, she is curating and running two ETSY online stores that offer the creations of local artists, vintage items from China and Canada, and more recently her own creations of jewelry from old Chinese coins. Combining these two interests, her community and China, have made this chapter of her life very satisfying.

Martha Gomez:
Formerly a biomedical engineer, she is a Qualified Teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and has been practicing meditation and yoga for 14 years. Her extensive formal training and daily practice in Mindfulness has afforded her a deep understanding of its far-reaching benefits and subtle nuances; she had honed her abilities through extensive experience teaching Mindfulness to oncology patients in various healthcare facilities. She is passionate about aging consciously, finding inspiration, joy and living with enthusiasm, and eager to share this with you.

Kenneth Hillam:
an independent scholar with a background in agriculture, engineering and business. He is passionate about researching ideas for better health, housing and devices for disabled community members. His search led him to discover Mongolian Yurts as an an optimal design for accessible, inexpensive and flexible housing solutions that can be built by seniors themselves.

As an older adult, if you or someone you know would like to sign-up to briefly introduce the inspiration for one of the teapot chats this fall, kindly reach out to Lindsay Clarke for more details (honorarium provided for speaker)