Music is dynamic and has the unique ability to bring people together and establish community. Music also works deeply in the body to rehabilitate and restore functioning. Finally, music acts as a medium of creative, emotional and spiritual expression.

Nicholas Scott is a Certified Music Therapist and holds qualifications in Neurologic Music Therapy. Music has always been an important part of Nicholas’ life from a young age. He enjoys intuitively expressing and exploring music, using his voice and other instruments. Nicholas will explore the topic of Community Music Therapy (CoMT) and how it can be applied in clinical and communal settings, including Rural and Senior populations who may experience isolation due to environmental and social factors.

Freda Segal, Noriko Iwamoto, and Abby Rosenblatt are members of the singing group called The Ukuladies. Music has been an integral part in their life, and now reaching out to the larger community. Each of the Ukuladies will sing a song in their own individual style and tell of her stories with the instrument. They will also share how the learning experience of trying something “new” has proved to be a great tool for psychological survival during challenging times.

The Creative Science Shop is a semi-monthly meet-up, an exchange of ideas, innovations, scientific and artistic projects. This intergenerational group brings together passion in the arts and sciences from older adults, students, and researchers.


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