Eva Halus creative response

Artist: Eva Halus

Title: Châteaufort Community Garden with a “Matisse” view

Medium: Acrylic on paper

Size: 41” x 25”

Date: 2021

The designer of the garden, Mark, created lots of visual art in the garden this summer. One of his objects, a bird bath feeder, in which he arranged a sculpture-like stone and some plants and fruits, giving the impression of a near-cubist painting of Matisse. I pushed more this illusion in my painting by adding at the back of the garden a window from Matisse’s studio giving to the sea-side.

Artist: Eva Halus

Title: Contemplation

Medium: Watercolor and pastel

Size: 49” x 31”

Date: 2021

This is a creative response to my friend Louise at the edge of Viktor Lake in Saint-Sauveur, in a magic afternoon this summer.

1 Comment

  1. dorion marguerite

    Bravo Éva! très bien rendu , inspiré et inspirant pour le spectateur que je suis

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