Arianna Garcia-Fialdini’s creative response

Artist: Arianna Garcia-Fialdini

Title: Spreading kindness

Medium: Watercolor and ink on paper

Size: 8” x 11”

Date: 2021

This work is a creative response to my experience co-facilitating an art hive for the first time this past session and the profound realization that despite the limited amount of male presence I have witnessed, art truly is for all to make, communicate and share regardless of gender, beliefs, and background.

Artist: Arianna Garcia-Fialdini

Title: Dive-in

Medium: Ink on paper

Size: 8” x 11”

Date: 2021 This work is responding to the idea of change and the unknown, and how sometimes it’s best to not think it through too much and just dive in.

1 Comment

  1. dorion marguerite

    I can feel the heart beat! Félicitation pour le nouveau bébé !

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