By Dante Reda

LOYC 498

Based on the community book drop-off model, the community Art Drop-off allows individuals to express themselves and find solidarity through creativity and community. Community book drop-offs have been a powerful tool to encourage readings, repurposing used goods, and helping one another. The community Art Drop-off will be used similarly as a tool to combat isolation, improve communities, and embrace creativity.

The Art Drop-off will be placed in an area that is more frequented in order to maximize exposure. The model will provide a dropdown table that will allow individuals to draw on while producing their artworks. Art supplies such as chalk, colouring pencil, pastel, arts and crafts, and paints will be provided within the drawers of the Art Drop-off. There will also be a backboard that the guests can present their art on that will be protected through fibreglass to withstand the elements. Being mindful of all those that would be interested in using this type of tool. Some communities may not be able to interact with the Art Drop-off as accessibly. I hope to work with other organizations such as libraries and resident homes to provide accessibility and mobility to these individuals and find other means for these community members to also gain access to a public good. This model is easily replicable and can be applied everywhere, I hope to be able to create other models and place them within other neighbouring communities as well. This project was inspired by observing the social determinants of health, within the mental health sector the access to having creative outlets and a sense of support through community (Salas, 2020).


Salas C. (2020) What should we expect from art in the next few years/decades? And what is art, anyway? Medium. Published May 20, 2020. Accessed June 14, 2021.