By Andrea Tremblay

Wicked Problems: SICK! Social Innovation through Creative Knowing


Over the years, the Loyola campus of Concordia University has undergone
various transformations; from adding or rerouting paths to adding and removing buildings, etc.

As they spend a lot of time on campus, members of the neighbourhood feel a sense of belonging and even of ownership about the space. As stakeholders from the university are involved in changes that are beneficial for sustainability and our environment, discussions about wished changes include getting rid of parking lots, adding pollinator plants and trees, etc., leaving out an important stakeholder. This short project seeks to offer a glimpse into the ways this space is also home to neighbourhood residents with open gates and an open
space that stands as a welcoming home space for people from the neighbourhood.
I wonder how we could in fact use the university campus to promote change in society, to inject values of fairness and equality, and respect for all. This is something I try to do in the mind-heart-mouth garden, but I want to do more of this and provide an example that others might follow to promote resilience in our communities.

I consider this short video as a pilot project. It was filmed with my cell phone with the original sound over about 10 days. A longer project will use proper film equipment and sound recording and further editing.