Lily Dabdoub

Ecolmena de Arte
Escuintla, Chiapas
Eco-Art Hive

The Ecolmena de Arte aims to bring the Art Hive experience to a rural university community in the Escuintla, Chiapas to provide a third space for creativity and wellness.

Summer 2021 – start small: over the summer connect every second week over zoom to start an Ecolmena de Arte – See where it leads.

Ecolmena de Arte will start with a feminist focus, thus will be a closed group for female students as a third brave and safe space to engage in their genuine artistic inclinations to engage in self-knowing and decompress from daily stresses.

Future goals:
If students enjoy the Art Hive experience provide support for the development of a self-sustain Ecoart Hive community practice.

Context: Throughout a first really challenging year in the creation of this institution, the students have expressed the need to have spaces and activities to decompress, creating their own art and entertainment workshops. Through these activities they found art to sublimate, project and process their emotional needs. This helped them recognize the need to get more mental health services and guide these activities as community therapeutic practice. They have expressed the need to get support for training and development of their skill set as their workshop ideas grow.