(Not currently offered)

We meet online every two weeks to learn about Zoom and other ways to stay connected digitally. Our main goal is that you can enjoy all our online activities and keep in contact with your friends and family.

We have dedicated several sessions to learning and improving our Zoom skills. But our participants have brought up other subjects of interest, such as password safety, social media, file and email management, digital galleries, and more.

We hope to see you at our next digital skill-share and learn what are your areas of interest and how we can explore and learn together.

How to participate?

We meet online on the first and the third Tuesday of every month. Please check our calendar to know the exact date of our next “Digital Skill-share”

Everyone is welcome to participate in any of the engAGE Living Lab activities. To get instructions on how to join, please send an email to engagelivinglab@concordia.ca

Digital skill-share gallery

Sharing art in this online public setting and/or responding to Calls for Art for exhibiting in our mall storefront windows is completely voluntary. We welcome you to submit your art to share.