We invite you to join the NDG YMCA Rendezvous and engAGE Living Lab virtual book club.

The “Read Whatever You Want” Book Club

This is a book club for people who love to read and differs from other book clubs in that participants do not all read the same book.

During the meeting you can describe a few books you have read recently and your reactions to them. If you do not wish to speak that is ok. The books can be any genre, both nonfiction and all types of fiction including literary fiction, mysteries and sci-fi. Alternatively, we can talk about books that have made an impact on us, or books about your favourite topics. This book club is based on the NDG Read Whatever the F**K You Want club. 

The virtual meetings will take place over Zoom and will last approximately one hour. We will assist you if you have not used Zoom yet. Meetings will be hosted by Galia Benatuil, coordinator of the teens and seniors’ programs at the NDG YMCA. If you are interested, please contact Galia at Galia.Benatuil@ymcaquebec.org

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What are you reading these days? Join the conversation!