Sinthia Cousineau

Sinthia is a student at Concordia University finishing her master’s in art therapy. She studied psychology at McGill University prior to pursuing studies in education. She received a bachelor’s degree in the specialization in Art Education in 2017. She also worked for many years and still currently works in tourism promoting Montreal’s rich history and culture.

She has worked with multiple populations, mostly youth and adults with special needs and seniors. She currently is doing her practicum with adults with developmental disabilities at the Centre for Arts and Human Development where she runs art therapy groups. She believes that art can unlock the emotional process of healing and that anyone has the power to be creative.

She is also an artist that loves to draw, paint and create ceramic work. Photography is another major passion of hers, and one she loves to mix with her passion for travel.

Sinthia believes that art can bring people together and be used as a catalyst for positive change in the world. She uses nature and recycled materials as a means of creation and has a spiritual approach in her art-making.