Najmeh Khalili-Mahani

Naj is the leader of the Media Spa section of the Creative engAGE Living Lab and would love to talk to you about history, politics, films, games, social networks, books or magazines that you think can have an influence on our resiliency in a stressful world.

Naj was born in Iran and came to Canada in 1993, with the aim to become a journalist, but she ended up in engineering school and studied electromagnetics and computer engineering. After obtaining her Master Degree in Biomedical Engineering learning about MRI physics (McGill, 2001), she enrolled in two graduate program Film studies at Concordia’s Mel Hoppenhein School (MA, 2008) and Neuroscience at McGill (PhD, 2009). She then moved to the Netherlands and worked in neuropharmacology, to better understand how drug-triggered emotions look like in the brain.

Today, she runs the media-health lab at Concordia University’s PERFORM Centre, where all her knowledge of science and technology is at the service of her love of poetry, and the question: what beauty makes a heart beat faster?

If you like to know more, visit her research website