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Come join us to hear from Deirdre Potash, an artist who found meaning in art-making and teaching art for fun in the community. Nga Pham, Gilles and Shantie Audet are artists in community spaces and avid learners.

The presenters have something important in common: they found the benefit of expressing themselves through visual imagery, the pleasure to do art for fun and well-being.

During the pandemic, Deirdre, owner of ArtWill Studio and teaching artist with a varied practice including a specialty in cultural mediation, offered free art courses online for the community. Her intention was to foster tactile exploration on a personal level, shifting the education courses into just making the participants have a good time.

Nga is a member of the art hives community and enjoys learning new things and challenging herself with new art techniques. She will share her artistic progress after participating in the art hives and art classes.

Gilles and Shantie are a happily married couple that started the artistic journey after retirement, about 4 years ago. They like to experiment with different media and different artistic styles and work on refining their sketching abilities and techniques.

We will explore this ongoing journey based on multiple visual arts experiences. Please come share your experience with the arts and how it shaped your journey of discovery.

Videos from the conversation

Art for Fun and Well-being. Gilles
Art for Fun and Well-being. Deirdre

Art Hives offer individuals opportunities for creative expression, for building self-efficacy and autonomy, as well as opportunities to feel welcomed to belong to an inclusive and loving community. They are places to simultaneously be oneself and connect with others in authentic ways.

In this conversation, Nicole will discuss her findings from her masters’ research on perceived learning at the art hive for participants in the third age (55 – 75), and the implications for art hives and other community art studios to have a significant impact on the well-being of ageing populations.

Nicole Macoretta is an artist, art therapist, art educator and administrator. Her artwork is grounded in and reflective of her love for the natural world and fibre materiality. She is passionate about encouraging the emergence and cultivation of creative capacities in support of physical and mental well-being, and more connected communities.

Our second speaker is Isabelle Fortier, a visual artist and graphic designer with a deep passion for the community. She created and is facilitating the art hive “La Page Blanche” in Boucherville, a well-anchored community art hive that opened its doors in 2015. In 2020 went online due to the pandemic and is now venturing into a new hybrid model.


Nicole Macoretta
Isabelle Fortier

Creative Science Shop presents a Special Open House on Creative Solutions for SICK! Social Innovation through Creative Knowing Problems

Thursday, June 17, 2021, from 12:00 to 4:00 pm 

Please Zoom-by, and come and go as you like, for a special Open House version of the Creative Science Shop.

This event will present project ideas from a class of students, both undergraduates and graduates from a variety of disciplines who all took part in an online summer intensive at Concordia University called: SICK!: Social Innovation through Creative Knowing. The innovative solutions that students will present are a result of their identification, examination, and creative responses to “wicked” social or environmental health challenges. The projects were also informed by their experiences using the creative arts as well as student involvement in a variety of community-based learning.

This special Creative Science Shop will have two parts, from 12:00-1:30 and 2:30-4:00, with a one-hour break featuring 23 students, who will present their creative ideas of how to increase health and wellbeing in times of COVID.

This conversation will begin with an introduction by the instructors, Dr. Satoshi Ikeda, professor of sociology, and Dr. Janis Timm-Bottos, professor of creative arts therapies.

Each hour of student presentations will be followed by a 30-minute community discussion. We want to hear your responses, ideas and experiences related to the topics presented.

Engage Living Lab Créatif – Online event

Join us for a conversation about art and mental health with Anne Ramsay-Piérard and Maryse Ménard from “Les Impatients” Center.

Ms. Ramsay-Piérard, in charge of partnerships, will present the center and its creative activities for almost 30 years. Les Impatients’s mission is to help people with mental health problems through artistic activities.

Ms. Ménard, a nurse by profession and participant in the center’s art workshops, will share with us the benefits of creation for her, and in the context of an intergenerational group.

Come join us in a discussion on how artistic creation adds to our well-being. What would art bring to the health and mental health care system based on our experience?

Lily Dabdoub

Ecolmena de Arte
Escuintla, Chiapas
Eco-Art Hive

The Ecolmena de Arte aims to bring the Art Hive experience to a rural university community in the Escuintla, Chiapas to provide a third space for creativity and wellness.

Summer 2021 – start small: over the summer connect every second week over zoom to start an Ecolmena de Arte – See where it leads.

Ecolmena de Arte will start with a feminist focus, thus will be a closed group for female students as a third brave and safe space to engage in their genuine artistic inclinations to engage in self-knowing and decompress from daily stresses.

Future goals:
If students enjoy the Art Hive experience provide support for the development of a self-sustain Ecoart Hive community practice.

Context: Throughout a first really challenging year in the creation of this institution, the students have expressed the need to have spaces and activities to decompress, creating their own art and entertainment workshops. Through these activities they found art to sublimate, project and process their emotional needs. This helped them recognize the need to get more mental health services and guide these activities as community therapeutic practice. They have expressed the need to get support for training and development of their skill set as their workshop ideas grow.

Kelly Derstenfeld & Olivia Stymiest

June 20, 2021.

This event seeks to challenge communities to reconsider how they think about food waste in relation to consumption, consumerism, community, and creativity.

By coming together to share a meal and explore new ways of utilizing the leftovers, we hope to facilitate a space for attendees to collectively appreciate both the nourishing and artistic properties of the food we eat.

We also seek to create lasting change by sharing knowledge regarding sustainable practices for consciously handling organic matter (e.g., composting and vermiculture), as well as creating a vibrant online community to continue to exchange of knowledge.

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